We are the Cooperativa ACPC Pichanaki, we work under the principle of social and business welfare of our partners, we bet for a diversified, profitable and responsible coffee with the environment, we have a suitable and consistent team.

Currently ACPC Pichanaki has 232 active members distributed in 14 sectoral committees such as Alto Zotani, Valle Hermoso, Primavera, Vista Alegre, Centro Anapiari, Chinchaysuyo, 28 de Julio, Unión Santa Rosa, San Miguel de Autiki, La Esmeralda, Paucarbambilla, Flor de Maria, Union Progreso, Nogalpamapa. The coffee plantations in production for the year 2012 is 2184.10 Has. Of which we have 1.182.80 Has with organic coffee plantations. Having a total production of parchment coffee of 34,945.60 qq, of which 18,924.80 qq will be organic coffee and 16,020.80 qq of conventional fair trade coffee.